Founder Sue Copeland, aboard her gelding, Isaiah ("Izzy" to his friends). Izzy is CEO (Chief Equine Officer) for Ribbon Recycling. He takes his position seriously, winning ribbons he can then donate for use in charitable, therapeutic, and rescue programs. Trainers Peter Pletcher and Danny Arndt, of PJP Farm in Magnolia, Texas, help Izzy and Sue, and have been generous donors to Ribbon Recycling since its inception.



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About Us

RIBBON RECYCLING was started by Sue M. Copeland after she began noticing ribbons tossed in the dirt at horse shows. Sue, who rides with top hunter trainer Peter Pletcher, thought, “What a waste--I’m sure someone would treasure those ribbons!” The result? She used the space in her award-winning personal column, This Horse Life, featured in the national publication, HORSE & RIDER, to plant the seed of the idea.

From there, RIBBON RECYCLING blossomed. Then the dog-show world discovered it, and the idea went viral. Sue now receives ribbon donations of all kinds from around the country, and ships them to facilities in need.

More ribbons are always needed to put smiles on special riders’ faces, so please join the Ribbon Recycling team by clicking on the Donate Ribbons link above. Thanks!

To learn more about Sue and Ribbon Recycling, please read this March 2011 article from USDAA® Dog Agility or this August 2010 article from THE CHRONICLE OF THE HORSE.