Texas Children’s Hospital’s Manager, Major Gifts, Frank W. Stowell with his nieces Kaitlyn Parkinson (in pink) and Presley Parkinson, and his father, Frank “Poppy” Stowell…and their ribbons. Photo by Allen S. Kramer.




Pin Oak Charity Liaison Volunteer Mary Jones braves a brisk wind at the TCH West grand opening to hand out ribbons with her 10-year-old daughter Emily’s help. Photo by Sue M. Copeland.



Texas Children's Hospital Event Liaison Tarryn Lankford and Mary Jones at the Pin Oak booth as Emily cools off with a snow cone. Photo by Sue M. Copeland.



Two TCH West grand opening attendees proudly show off their ribbons after having jumped the Pin Oak jumps. Photo by Mary Jones.

Presley Parkinson jumps a Pin Oak fence in great form while sporting her yellow Ribbon Recycling ribbon, at the Texas Chidren’s Hospital West Campus grand opening in April, 2011. Photo by Allen S. Kramer.

Your donated ribbons are a hit at Texas Children's Hospital
West Campus grand opening

April 9, 2011

This spring, Ribbon Recyling teamed with the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show ( to provide “recycled” ribbons to hand out at the Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus grand opening, held Saturday, April 9 on the hospital grounds in Houston, Texas. TCH is a beneficiary of the Pin Oak Charity.

Sue M. Copeland, Ribbon Recycling founder and executive director, worked with Pin Oak Charity Liaison Volunteer Mary Jones and four volunteers to “customize” about 500 horse and dog show ribbons to be handed out at Pin Oak’s booth at the TCHW grand opening. Sue and Mary used pinking shears to clip off any lettering on the ribbon streamers, then pasted a Pin Oak logo over the existing logo on each ribbon rosette.

Pin Oak brought child-sized jumps to the grand opening, so children could jump over the obstacles to “win” a ribbon (see photos). Jumping wasn’t mandatory; Pin Oak volunteers soon were handing out the much in-demand ribbons to kids and adults who’d seen and heard about them and stopped by to learn more about the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. Regardless of age, the ribbons brought a smile.

Thousands attended the grand opening, which also featured pony rides, a petting zoo, entertainment, food and kid-centric activities. By the end of the day, all ribbons, Pin Oak Charity Horse Show programs, posters, and other Pin Oak items had been handed out. As Mary said, “We did a ‘landslide business.’” A grand time was had by all.

Mary also was touched by the families who stopped by the Pin Oak booth to thank Pin Oak for its financial support and dedication to TCH. “All the work we do is worth it when a mother holding her 2-year-old son thanks you for helping her to fight his cancer at Texas Children’s Hospital,” said Mary.

Sue and Ribbon Recycling extend their thanks to Pin Oak president, Lynn Walsh, for inviting Ribbon Recycling to provide the ribbons, as well as to Mary for her help in customizing the ribbons, then handing them out at the grand opening (with the help of her lovely family). For more info on Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus, go to


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