Jack, Lollipop and Nikki, an instructor at SpiritHorse. Photo courtesy of Charles Fletcher.



A donated trophy makes a difference at SpiritHorse Therapeutic Center

May 6, 2011

Dear Sue,

I wish you could have been here on Thursday, when I awarded Jack one of the trophies donated by Ribbon Recycling. Jack is 30 years old, and was born with a portion of his brain missing. He and his mom, Barbara, have had a struggle all of his life.

He has been riding here for 6 years with virtually no progress. He has the worst balance imaginable. This is mostly because he falls at home when walking, resulting in traumatic brain injury. The scars from surgeries on his skull look like a roadmap.

Through our work with children with autism, we developed a method that restarts the development of the left hemisphere, and another that builds neuro pathways. Through work with Christian, who I may have told you about (he has traumatic brain injury due to shaken-baby syndrome), we found a way to use these successful methods at a walk instead of a trot.

All we had to do was to turn the horse/pony in such tight circles that it promoted more balance as a response. The circles worked for Jack. In this semester, he was able to ride around the arena at a walk independently. On Thursday, I sent him around the “trail” alone; he made the circuit independently and flawlessly!!!! His mom had white knuckles the whole time and rejoiced when he returned!

Your donated trophy will help him and his faithful mom remember this accomplishment forever.

Thank you so very much,

Charles Fletcher, Founder
SpiritHorse Therapeutic Center
Corinth, Texas


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