These puppies, ready for forever homes, are from Hopper's Halfway Home Rescue, Linda Hopper, founder. The PAWS event, featuring donated Ribbon Recycling ribbons, was held in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.




Axle with his “Lover” ribbon says it all!



Spanky models his “Wonder Dog” ribbon. Said one little girl to her mother at the event, “Look Mommy—that dog already won a ribbon!”

Scissors, gold-seal stickers, and marking pens, coupled with imagination supplied by Dayna Nelson and her friends, transformed donated dog-show ribbons into dog-adoption day fun.

Dog-show ribbons can be customized for pet adoption events

August 6, 2011

Ribbon Recycling ribbons, cleverly “customized” by Dayna Nelson of Deep End Farm Bed and Barn, in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, and friends were a hit at the Pet Appreciation Week (PAW) event at Tractor Supply Company. The Lawrenceburg, Kentucky facility hosted pets from Hopper’s Halfway Home Rescue (Linda Hopper, founder), Mercer Humane Society, and Anderson Humane Society.

Says Dayna, “I found that 2-inch gold seals (available at office-supply stores) work really well to cover the center of the rosette. I then cut off any lettering, and took marking pens in gold and silver to write on the ribbons. My favorite? "Kisses 4 kibble"!

Dayna says she’s having a blast with her friends, customizing dog-show ribbons for pet adoption days. She’s also supplying Ribbon Recycling horse-show ribbons to her local therapeutic riding facility. Plus, her local 4-H club is showing an interest in making wreaths from ribbons as a project. (Dayna is going to make them a sample wreath, to show them how it’s done.)

Ribbon Recycling appreciates Dayna and her great ideas and enthusiasm. She’s making a difference in two-legged and four-legged lives in Kentucky! Thanks, Dayna!


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